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... about RANSOMWARE v1.0 ...

the story of Goldilocks

Her story started quite prosaic for how important it went on later - in the TV bedtime stories for children - our fairy Amálka was breaking records of ratings even before they were launched in the times of the totality regime. Her guilt, in the model where every human bears their own guilt, was that she can fix it. Everything what she, being a decent woman, thinks of - no wonder there was noone else people would talk about anymore - even the main Chlama stayed in the background. Sometime then our Goldilocks started to be called Prime or mobile-net-main-girl.
As time went by, she realized there was something wrong with her - first, she didn’t have her husband Tesla next to her, second, human plans go somewhere in a strange direction. The direction was interesting - everything was suggesting that there is big evil on our planet and our Goldilocks protects agains. When she found out, it was almost too late - she managed to visit a madhouse with a Satan sitting in (she herself was really redhot - as it was a win or lose game) and let him to exchange her, there was no other option for her. I’ll tell you - mobile-net-main-girl has retrograded her life, invited imperial agents and married, being single, a fake king, and that all in just one moment - in the request to destiny of the next husband.
If you are our Goldilocks and have hoarded enough, you will do the things described above in one moment - it will save the world as a surety. In one moment, a virus was created that compressed data and the requirements were that Zéman’s purchase that would lead to dilatation of the world to economy->reality could be purchased back and we have even earned 22% „VAT" we can invest in the S.W.O.R.D. team of Satan's daughter.
Having her born again, we could realize she’s here from a previous parallel and Satan was only pretending to be her. With that all, the Czech telecommunication vermin can joint the crowd of many others - and they were bragging so much (just for the record). And to our Goldilocks, her husband Tesla was born, so just expect epic lives...

AD2019 MICKEYsoftware for Goldilocks